Choosing the Right Spa

Choosing the Right Spa

• Check to see that the spa has a Better Business Bureau rating. You'd be surprised to see that many laser spas don't have a rating at all. In the Laser cosmetics field, an "A" rating with zero complaints is a must.

• If looking to have hair removed from any part of the body, look for laser spas that use only Diode or Alexandrite lasers. These are the most current FDA approved lasers that provide faster and more comfortable treatment. IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is only good to thin the hair out. Some med spas carry both and uses the IPL for the first two sessions for comfortability only before the Diode is used. Once the Diode or Alexandrite is used, there is no need to revert back to IPL.

• Check to see how long they have been in business. This is important to know because laser spas that haven't worked on many clients may be experimenting on your face and body.

• Look for a laser spa that have many laser machines on premises. Many lasers on premises tells you that there will be minimal waiting time to get in for your treatment. It will also tell you that they have a constant flow of clients and therefore are very familiar with all the various features and operation variations of the machines.

• Check for top brand name manufacturers of the laser machines being used. Palomar, Solta Medical, Luminous, Cutera and Cynosure are among the well known and used names in laser cosmetics.

• Ask to see an esthetician's license and certifications. Even those only performing facials are required to pass written and practical examinations and possess certain certifications. Certification is mandatory but knowing how much actual client experience they have is just as important. They should have at least 1000 hours of training.

• Ask to see pre and post treatment images of actual clients. Look closely at the photos to see if they look realistic or have been digitally touched up to exaggerate the results. Then search the internet for the specific treatment you are looking for. If what you saw in the spa is posted often, then chances are that it wasn't an actual client.

• More consumers are relying on online reviews like yelp or citisearch to judge whether or not to visit a laser spa. Although this may be a powerful resource, keep in mind that spas can write their own reviews. Also, negative reviews could be written and posted by competitors. Your best bet is to see if there are any complaints from the Better Business Bureau.